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Croydon Symphony - Croydon Music Heritage Trail


The Croydon Music Heritage Trail programme celebrates the borough’s rich music history and heritage, looking to the past, present and future. The programme includes a new Music City Mural, walking tours of publicly nominated and voted artists and venues, and a series of events running alongside a new exhibition – Rewind: This is Croydon’s Music that opens at the Museum of Croydon on 8 February 2024.

About the Croydon Music Heritage Trail

This project was developed with the people of Croydon in mind. Over 11,000 people engaged to nominate and vote for musicians, performing artists, venues and other music heritage assets. The result is a collection showcasing artists from over a century, spanning multiple genres including: Bass, Classical, Indian Classical Music, Punk, and Blues and Jazz. Other sounds you will experience along the trail include Reggae, Dubstep, Rock, Grime, Folk, Indie and more.

Through the Central, Northern, and Explore Further Trails, you will experience a taste of Croydon across multiple genres and decades.

The Central Trail takes you through the heart of Central Croydon starting at The Queen’s Gardens where you will see ‘Croydon Symphony‘ the mural showcasing artists who made Croydon their home and inspiration. The Central Trail takes you from Fairfield Halls to The Star, now The Broad Green Tavern, where Jimi Hendrix once climbed through a back window to perform.

The Northern Trail explores the hometown of Stormzy and Nadia Rose while also visiting The BRIT School and the home of Avril Coleridge Taylor as well as famed recording studios that played a role in Indie, new-wave, reggae and more.

Explore further stretches across the borough to sites of festivals, the ballroom where Strictly Come Dancing originated, and more. From school grounds, parks, and the centre of Purley, this section of the trail will grow over the next year as we receive nominations.

Together, these trails highlight the ranges, diversity, expression, history, art, and passion that has made Croydon a music hub.

See the mural being created in this time lapse video from ATMA.

Time lapse video from ATMA

Croydon Music Heritage Trail App

You can explore Croydon’s musical legacy for yourself with the Music Heritage Trail App. Discover iconic sites and stories from punk to grime, folk to reggae.

Download the app to unlock a journey through the borough’s diverse soundscape. Walk through the streets that inspired and gave form to multiple music genres, unveil hidden gems, legendary spots, and exclusive content from music legends like Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Skream and Benga, Nadia Rose, Ralph McTell, Stormzy and more!


Go to the google play store or app store and search for Croydon Music Heritage Trail. Click download and start exploring the sights and sounds of Croydon’s music scene.

The app is GPS enabled. This is used to show you relevant content based on your location. Please note that you do not have to be in Croydon in order to access any of the content in the app.

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