THE WIZARD OF OZ (Dementia Friendly)

5th Dec 2023 , 11:00am - David Lean Cinema, Katharine St, Croydon CR9 1ET

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1939 | Dir Victor Fleming | 102m | USA

A tornado whisks Dorothy and her dog Toto from rural Kansas to the land of Oz, where she helps a Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Cowardly Lion find the Wizard of Oz and fulfil their dreams.

In MGM’s enduring classic, based on the bestselling children’s novel by L. Frank Baum, Judy Garland plays Dorothy, the country girl transported by a tornado to the magical Technicolour land of Oz. She, her dog Toto, and her three newly found friends go in search of the wonderful Wizard, in the hope that he will grant all their wishes. It won two music Oscars, including Best Song for the timeless ‘Over the Rainbow’.

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