16th - 18th Aug 2023 - Talawa Studio, Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1DG

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What I hear I keep - poster image

TYPT23 Invites You to Join Us in the Realm of the Gods

Talawa Young People Theatre 2023 presents an original production: WHAT I HEAR I KEEP.

Can Black Myth heal and connect the diaspora? Can it help us understand who we truly are as a people in today’s world?

Directed by Philip J Morris

At an ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society) link-up, a space that normally champions the diversity of the black diaspora, a group of young people who are experiencing different levels of disconnect to their blackness, the diaspora, and themselves are given space to explore their issues, reconnect, and potentially heal through myths, teachings, histories and the words of ancestral guides delivered by three deities:

Shango, a warrior orisha from the Yoruba tribe, represented as the element of wind.

Mawu-Lisa, an androgynous creator deity from the kingdom of Dahomey, represented as the element of water.

Silika, a new god created from the disconnect to challenge the old mythology represented as the element of fire. 

Come and follow this story through to its thought-provoking conclusion.


The Cast of Talawa TYPT 2023


  • Jerome Scott 
  • Chisobem Chinweze 
  • Mascuud Dahir 
  • Jonathan Ude 
  • Katia Del Rio Smith 
  • Stephan Hunte-Wilson 
  • Savannah Kityo 
  • Gloria Akpoke 
  • Marli Hart 
  • Rebekar Sunshine Oluyadi 
  • Micaiah John 
  • Mya Onwugbonu 


·       Director: Philip J Morris  
·       Assistant Director: Leanne Henlon  
•	Movement Director: Mateus Daniel
·       Movement Director: Mateus Daniel 
•	Voice Coach: Joel Trill
·       Voice Coach: Joel Trill  
•	Set & Costume Design: Sandra Falase
·       Set & Costume Design: Sandra Falase  
•	Sound Designer: Lo-Wu Sound
·       Sound Designer: Lo-Wu Sound 

•	Lighting Designer: Pablo Fernandez Baz
·       Lighting Designer: Pablo Fernandez Baz  
•	Production Manager: Ina Miller
·       Production Manager: Ina Miller  
•	Stage Manager: Julia Nimmo
·       Stage Manager: Julia Nimmo 
•	Drama Therapist: Abigail Sol
·       Drama Therapist: Abigail Sol 
•	Dramaturg: malakaï sargeant 
·       Dramaturg: malakaï sargeant  
  • Producer: A’Ishah Waheed  
  • Assistant Producer: Regina Agard-Brathwaite 

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