21st Nov 2023 , 7:30pm - David Lean Cinema, Katharine Street, Croydon

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Poster for the film Pressure

Screening in association with Croydon BME Forum

Tony is a young black man, living in 1970s Britain, who tries his hardest to fit into the English society that surrounds him. With Pressure, Horace Ové became the first Black British filmmaker to direct a feature film.

Unlike his parents and older brother, who moved to Britain from Trinidad, Tony was born and brought up in West London, and hopes to find a place in his country of birth. Leaving school, he soon experiences discrimination from the police and potential employers. His mother cannot understand why he can’t get a job, and his older brother lectures him about radical politics. Tony turns towards the Black Power movement to find answers to his problems.  Now recognised as the first full-length Black British feature film, Horace Ové’s masterpiece is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

1976 | Dir Horace Ové | 126m | UK

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