2nd - 3rd Sep 2023 , 12:00pm - 6:00pm - The Recreational. Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1DG

woman with legs crossed and held up to chest, head tucked in so we do not see her face as she balances on her bottom making an inverted triangular form in a dark room

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company present a new film installation featuring Portuguese dancer Diana Niepce, with Movement Director Rachel Drazek and Filmmaker Hugo Glendinning. It is through Diana’s willingness to uncover something both honest and new that we travelled together as a team. Orbits is a film about how we feel and what we experience when we lose something we have been in orbit or relationship with. How does this change affect our experience of ourselves? Orbits began as a collaboration between the artists in early 2021 during the pandemic and was filmed in Lisbon, December 2022. The film includes stunning original music by Scott Tynholm.

“Film installation that is a seductive meditation on something indefinable but still powerful”

The List

“definitely a meditative work, and will affect anyone who sees it and hears the beautiful music composed by Scott Twynholm.”

Edinburgh Reporter

What will you experience?

Orbits is a 40 minute film that plays on a repeated loop, rather than straight through once. The audience are free to enter and leave multiple times, and you can stay for however long you like. The film has no text or spoken word. A soundtrack plays throughout the film which was created by musician Scott Twynholm.

Ticket Information

This event is free and unticketed. You can enter and leave at any time, and stay for however long you like.

However, this event has a limited capacity, and there may be times during each day when it is full. 

If this happens, you may be asked to wait until other people leave before you can enter, or advised to check out the rest of the festival events, and to come back later in the day.

Access information

Easy Read information for Orbits by ‘Birds of Paradise Theatre Company’ – 

For this event, the following access provision will be available:

  • This is a film with no spoken text.  There is a soundtrack of original music.
  • The film is on a 40 minute loop and you can come and go as you wish.
  • Information about the film will be available in written text and in BSL online via URL or QR code. Easy Read information for Orbits by ‘Birds of Paradise Theatre Company’ – 
  • Audio Describers will be available across the festival to support with guiding and describing on an on-demand basis. To book time with a describer for this event, please email:
  • Roaming BSL Interpreters will be available across the festival. To book time with an interpreter for this event, please email: Please note: this film does not contain any spoken dialogue. 
  • This is a relaxed screening. 
  • Step-free access is available throughout the venue.
  • Accessible toilets are available.
  • A Wellbeing Hub and breakout space is available inside the venue

About the artists

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company is Scotland’s Preeminent disability-led theatre company.

Show credits:

  • Rachel Drazek – Director
  • Mairi Taylor – Creative Producer & Co-collaborator
  • Hugo Glendinning – Filmmaker
  • Scott Twynholm – Composer
  • Diana Niepce – Dancer
  • Tilly Shiner – Assistant Filmmaker
  • Mariana Monteiro – Production Assistant (Lisbon)
  • Pete Edwards – Dancer
  • Robert Softley Gale – Artistic Director, Birds of Paradise
  • Michelle Rolfe – Producer, Birds of Paradise
  • Niall Black – Production Manager

Creative Scotland, The Genesis Foundation

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