Mindful Movement

30th Sep 2023 , 10:30am - 11:30am - Park Hill Park, Secret Garden , Arthur Court, 2 Fairfield (Sat 30 Sept) Mellows Park, Wallington (Sat 7 October) Ashburton Park, Spring Lane, South Norwood (Sat 14 Oct) South Norwood Country Park (Sat 21 Oct)

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Photo of a group of adults exercising in a park surrounded by trees.
Photo credit Vipul Sangoi

Connecting to self through moving in nature

Connecting with others in nature is powerful. To be outdoors to reflect, and move I have found creates powerful connections to ourselves and nature. As an artist I want to share my movement practice in nature with people. Each of these sessions we will dance the qualities of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, exploring their presence in the world and the role of their gifts in our daily life.   

Beeja, already have a local presence in leading inclusive dance movement session to all abilities, we hope more will join us and bring their friends and family along.  These free movements sessions will help and support our well-being, the well being of our families and communities.  

Being in a beautiful setting with the intention of connecting to yourself, the earth, your spirit and others is a profound experience in itself. In this world, our relationship with nature needs be an integral part of ourselves and our bodies. Making our commitment to caring for the Earth come from these interconnected relationships. To ourselves, nature and to each other. 

This Workshop is suitable for all abilities. Come and have fun moving together and discover your inner power, power of movement.

What to expect

  • An outdoor class
  • Learn from an expert teacher
  • Meet other movement and nature enthusiasts
  • Take part in graceful, flowing movement

Additional Information

  • Open to all levels
  • We meet to register 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes for outdoors
  • Please bring water to drink


  • 30 September – Secret garden, Park Hill Park
  • 7 October – Mellows Park, Wallington
  • 14 October – Ashburton Park
  • 21 October – South Norwood Country Park

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