8th Nov 2023 , 8:00pm - The Front Room

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Lucy McCormick / Triple Threat

For one night only Lucy McCormick returns with her queer cult hit Triple Threat via a holy trinity of dance, power ballads and performance art. Attempting to reconnect to her own moral conscience by re-enacting the New Testament, she takes on all the main roles, assisted by arbitrary angels Samir and Lennie. With trademark absurdism and enthusiasm, Lucy puts her best foot forward in the face of existential deadlock.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Lucy McCormick has the moves of Beyoncé, the lungs of Christina Aguilera and the morals of a punk iconoclast. That makes her a triple threat indeed.’

The Scotsman
Photo of Lucy McCormick in a black bra with red curtains in the background

‘nudity, blasphemy and copious Nutella, the show is fantastically entertaining’ 

The Guardian

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