Liberty Festival

1st - 3rd Sep 2023 - In and around Fairfield Halls and The Queen's Gardens

Price : free

Two dancers are laying down on a rocking board, looking at each other. The board is tilted diagonally. The dancers are lit with a green light, contrasting with the background, where sound reactive visuals are projected on three screens and reflected on a mirror.

From live comedy to inclusive HIIT, the Mayor of London’s flagship disability arts festival, LIBERTY, heads to Croydon

Liberty Festival timetable

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Where are Liberty Festival events taking place?

Map of central Croydon with venues for Liberty Festival including BoxPark, Breathing Room, The Queen's Gardens and Fairfield Halls.

Events during Liberty Festival

Liberty Festival leaflet

Read the story

Read the story

Read the story

About Liberty Festival

The Liberty Festival is the Mayor of London’s flagship programme celebrating Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent Artists, curated by registered charity Drunken Chorus. Since 2019, Liberty has been developed into a touring festival, taking deaf and disabled arts to local communities in outer boroughs. This year the three-day festival will come to Croydon, London Borough of Culture 2023. Drunken Chorus, founded in 2007 are a Croydon focused charity curating inclusive and accessible festivals, events and creative experiences. Drunken Chorus work with numerous local organisations to promote and create interesting, contemporary and alternative performances.

About Drunken Chorus

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