17th Nov 2023 , 7:30pm - The Front Room

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A triple bill of storytelling, comedy and magic from some of the UK’s finest contemporary performers. 

Catherine Hoffmann / Patching Things Up with Angus Chai

Patching Things Up is an absurdist cabaret show, with the cosmic love child of Ivor Cutler and Sheena Easton. Performance artist Catherine Hoffmann will inhabit her cosmic love for gadgets, ghosts, and revolution as her misfit drag alter ego Angus Chai. Angus will share do-it-yourself poems and songs from his toolkit anthology taking inspiration from WD40 and spirit levels.

Exploring themes of sex, the afterlife and uprisings he will not only attempt to repair the failing economy he will also revive his friend Isla’s sex toys and glue back together his broken heart with Spirulina energy balls. All while his Topiary obsessed mother dozes upstairs.

Sexy ghosts, being a power worm, a rant about pubic hair and oedipal complexes…. Anything can happen on the road to recovery with Angus Chai.

Written and performed by Catherine Hoffmann

Liselle Terret / Chatterbox

Chatterbox is a 55-year old, single working mum from Glasgow; Jewish, ex- bulimic, & ADHD with a fear of intimacy. Performed by Liselle Terret, also known as Doris La Trine, Liselle is a neuro divergent performance artist, writer, director & Assoc. Prof. at UEL.

Liselle co-wrote & directed 5-star Not F**kin’ Sorry!, a radical Crip Queer Punk Cabaret by Not Your Circus Dog Collective, in partnership with The Hale & Access All Areas.

Norvil & Josephine 

Norvil & Josephine are a dazzling comedy magic and variety act full of theatrical escapism at its best. They seem to be the traditional imposing magician and doting assistant… but magic is never what meets the eye!

The classic notion of a Vaudeville act gets flipped on its head in their show full of comical gender bending twists and turns. It’s time for the magician to find new dreams while the assistant calls the shots!

Performances include their breath-taking balancing on the broom illusion, a twinkling tap dance, comical contortions and a sassy escape from the Sack of Secrets.

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