Creative Wayfinding

19th Aug - 9th Oct 2023 - In spaces around Croydon

Image of different examples of creative public wayfinding.

Part of Desire Paths

As a youth focused organisation POoR are interested in further exploring Croydon’s public spaces. We will use our extensive network of institutions, youth centres and schools to build and work with a user group of local young people. A short program of workshops will be utilised to build a brief for the space, using the participants expertise in their own experience to find a genuine and meaningful response to the environment – everyone is an expert in their own experience and as such they are an invaluable resource in creating meaningful and integral parts of a community.

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About POoR

We are a socially-minded organisation that focuses on the development of communities through the elevation of young people. POoR sees the power of the younger generation and seeks to get young voices heard. Through knowledge sharing and design, we aim to bridge the gap between communities, bring together a wealth of demographics, and empower the youth of today.

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